Our Products

The Photographs

We sell high-quality, framed photographs. Most, though not all, are in color. Unless otherwise noted, all are printed at a resolution of 300 dots per inch or higher. This is sometimes called "museum quality" resolution.


The Frames

We have chosen a few frame choices for each photograph.  Their simplicity and clean lines help focus on the underlying image, yet they add a design feature that fits almost any decor.  

The metal frames are made from a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum. The face of the frame is rounded, and ⅜” wide. For each image, we typically offer metal frames in two colors: black and red. 

The wood frames are made from a North American hardwood (Poplar) that’s finger-jointed and finished with a decorative wood pattern wrap.  The frames have a flat profile face that is 1 ¼” wide.  For each image, we typically offer wood frames in two colors: black and a dark brown. 

The frames are made to order. They exactly fit the underlying artwork. 

The Matting

Matting is the border that surrounds the picture inside the frame. Matting usually makes for a more elegant looking picture. With a few exceptions, our matting color is white or antique white and our matting size varies with the size of the image. We also offer the possibility preparing the picture without matting.

The Paper

Our paper is a semi-matte, bright white paper with a slight gloss/luster to it. 

The Picture Covering

We use a non-glare acrylic cover. It is lighter weight and less fragile than glass, although it can scratch, so it should be cleaned carefully. The non-glare feature significantly reduces reflections on the surface of the image and substantially enhances the display. 

The Photographers

Our photographers come from all over the world.  Many have won numerous awards for their photography.  They are all artists and some have some eccentricities.  For example, some, are a little hard to track down.  We provide the names or pseudonyms of the photographers on our image pages.  We try to provide links to sites where they provide information about themselves and where they often display their other works. Unfortunately, some of the links are broken and, in some cases, we don't even have a link.  If you have better links for any of our photographers, please send a note to us through the Support link above.


A few of the pictures on our site have been placed in the public domain as a result of the operation of various laws or as a result of an affirmative action by the photographer.  Most of the pictures, however, are subject to copyright.  There are several different types of copyrights which can impose different obligations on us as sellers of the modified images.  These do not impose any restrictions on the use or resale of a framed photograph by a purchaser.

The table below is intended to provide links to understandable explanations of the different types of licenses that appear on our site. For serious questions about these licenses, we recommend that you consult a lawyer.


Title and Link to Terms of the Copyright
PD OR PUBLIC DOMAIN Wikipedia Explanation of Public Domain
CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSES License Versions - Creative Commons

Content License Summary (pixabay.com)

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED All rights reserved - Wikipedia


Some of these licenses require disclosure of changes to the underlying image provided by the photographer.  Below are the only adjustments we have made:

In a very few cases we have reduced the resolution of a photograph to accommodate a picture size that is typical for wall-hung photographs.  This adjustment would not be discernible to the naked eye.

In a very few cases, we have brightened or darkened an original photograph to make it clearer at a typical viewing distance.

The process of framing results in a small fraction of an inch of the underlying photograph being hidden under the frame or the matting.