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Diomedea Exulans in flight - SE Tasmania

Diomedea Exulans in flight - SE Tasmania

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Outside Frame Size: 15 5/16" x 9 3/8"

Explanation of Dimensions

The "Art Size" item above contains the dimensions of the IMAGE ONLY. The "Outside Frame Dimensions" are the dimensions incorporating the image, the matting (if any) and the frame. Both are in the format width X length in inches.

Description: Diomedea exulans is also known as the wandering albatross, snowy albatross, or white-winged albatross. It has the longest wingspan of any living bird, reaching up to 3.5 meters across. It spends most of its life flying over the Southern Ocean, rarely landing on land except to breed and raise its young.

Photographer: JJ Harrison (

License: CC BY-SA 3.0

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