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House Sparrows

House Sparrows

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Outside Frame Size: 20" x 16 7/16"

Explanation of Dimensions

The "Art Size" item above contains the dimensions of the IMAGE ONLY. The "Outside Frame Dimensions" are the dimensions incorporating the image, the matting (if any) and the frame. Both are in the format width X length in inches.

Description: House Sparrows are small, brown, and gray birds that belong to the passerine family. They are native to Europe, Asia, and Africa, but have been introduced to many other world regions. House Sparrows are often found in urban and rural areas, where they feed on seeds, grains, insects, and human scraps. They are social and noisy birds that form large flocks and compete with native birds for food and nesting sites.

Photographer: Rhododendrites

License: CC BY-SA 4.0

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