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Tungabhadra River and Coracle Boats

Tungabhadra River and Coracle Boats

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Art Size

Outside Frame Size: 18 5/16" x 13 1/8"

Explanation of Dimensions

The "Art Size" item above contains the dimensions of the IMAGE ONLY. The "Outside Frame Dimensions" are the dimensions incorporating the image, the matting (if any) and the frame. Both are in the format width X length in inches.

Description: A coracle is a small, rounded, lightweight boat of the sort traditionally used in Wales, and also in parts of the West Country and in Ireland, particularly the River Boyne, and in Scotland, particularly the River Spey. The word is also used of similar boats found in India, Vietnam, Iraq, and Tibet.

The Tungabhadra River is a river in India that starts and flows through the state of Karnataka during most of its course, before flowing along the border between Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and ultimately joining the Krishna River near Gundimalla village in Jogulamba Gadwal district of Telangana.

Photographer: Dey.sandip

License: CC BY-SA 3.0

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